MTNJ Training Course on Healthcare Management will take place in Tokyo and Kanagawa, Japan, 22 – 27 October 2014


The MTNJ Training Course on Healthcare Management will take place in Tokyo and Kanagawa, Japan, 22-27 October 2014.

The objective of this course is to provide medical specialists, healthcare professionals and healthcare leaders with advanced knowledge and experiences of Japanese healthcare organizations, in particular, on healthcare management, healfhcare financing, medical insurance system and parient safety. It will enable the participants to renew their knowledge in healthcare management, to lean the modern tools and systems of healthcare management, and to share their experiences with the Japanese experts.

The following subjects to be covered:

  • Healthcare system of Japan
  • Medical insurance system of Japan
  • Public hospital management
  • University hospital management
  • Private hospital management
  • Drug control in hospital
  • Prescription drug price system of Japan
  • Hospital inspection
  • The newest medical equipment
  • Automated multiphasic health testing and services
  • Apparatus of laboratory examination
  • Synthetic laboratory examination
  • Laboratory management
  • Computerized medical record system management
  • Medical devise, medical equipment
  • etc.