Music Therapy


Music has been used for healing since ancient times. It is recorded that Hippocrates played music for mental patients around 400 B.C. In Egypt, China, India, Greece and Rome, music therapy was recognized as one of the art of practice of medicine.

Music therapy was also widely used at Veterans Administration Hospitals during World War I and World War II for mitigation and treatment of traumatic injuries, war-related injuries and diseases.

Around 1950-60s, several educational and training courses and programs were newly established in several countries, such as Austria, France, UK and USA.

Today music therapy is considered as an effective mean not only for the military patients, but also the civil ones, including children with mental retardation, people physically challenged and the aged.

>>     World Congress of Music Therapy (WCMT) in Vienna and Krems, Austria, 7-12 July 2014




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