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Welcome to the Medical Training Network of Japan. (MTNJ) !

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The Medical Training Network of Japan (MTNJ) is a non-profit organization (NPO), established in June 2014, with the objective to promote further human-oriented medical care over the world through:

  • carrying out medical educational and training courses and experts visits to hospitals and relevant medial facilities in Japan and collaborating countries:
  • sending lectures and experts to educational and training courses in collaborating countries;
  • giving technical advice on medical education and training;
  • providing opportunities of utilization of the up-to-date medical equipments and methods in Japan and collaborating countries;
  • suppoting and providing necessary help to arrange hospitalizaton of foreign patients in Japan;
  • sharing information on remote medicine, alternative medicine  and other relevant issues; and
  • promoting further cooperatoin in the medical field.

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